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Dear Credable customer,

First of all, thank you for your custom and for your trust as one of the first companies in Sweden to enjoy the benefits of the innovative Credable application and invoice insurance service!

I am writing to you today to notify you that we will be retiring our Credable application effective December 1st 2019 and this will mean you will no longer be able to sign in to your account and make new invoice insurance transactions. Any transactions you have already insured or indeed want to insure before this date will of course be honoured in strict accordance with your policy terms.

After December 1st 2019 your Credable invoice insurance policy will also cease and save for any current insurance covers or claims which are in force, you will no longer be able to use the Credable service or avail yourself of the Credable invoice insurance policy terms.

You will have the option to continue to have the support of Euler Hermes for your credit insurance needs and should contact Nathaniel Beaumont at in the first instance so that he can take care of your go-forward requirements and help you to be able to continue to trade with confidence.

Please take this letter as first and final notification of our intention to withdraw the Credable application and the associated Credable invoice insurance policy.

Again many thanks for your custom and trust over the last two years - Credable’s brand will soon be disappearing but the innovations we made will live on within the heart of the Euler Hermes family and across our network of partners.


Richard Garnier, Managing Director Credable


What happens if I need to make a claim after december 1st?

Your claim will be processed as usual. Please send an email attaching a copy of the unpaid invoice to

I still need to credit check & insure my invoices – What are my options?

Euler Hermes Provides a range of alternative solutions that may fit the needs of your business. For more information, please visit the Euler Hermes homepage.

I have more questions or need help.

Please contact Nathaniel Beaumont

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