Insure your invoices

Are your customers not paying you on time? Worried that a big deal might be risky? Working with a new customer for the first time? All good reasons to consider invoice insurance from Credable, via an integration on Fortnox.
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What does the insurance cover?

Bankruptcy risk

If your customer goes bankrupt there is no need to join the creditor queue, simply make a claim with Credable.

Late payment risk

If your customer is late paying your invoice, make a claim and Credable will take over the collection process, paying up to 100% of the overdue invoice.

Pay only for what you need

You decide which customer and which invoice to insure - be in control of your account receivables.

Peace of mind

Rest assured that with Credable your most valuable asset of all is safe and sound: your customer.

How does it work?

See how Credable makes it easy to get your invoices insured.

Connect your Fortnox account to Credable

Login into Fortnox, Go to "Manage Users".

Fortnox - How To - Step 1

Add the "Integration" license.

Click the "+Add Licenses" button. Scroll down and active the integration license. Credable will deduct the 59kr/month from your insurance premium costs.

Fortnox - How To - Step 2

Add the Credable Integration

Click "+ Add Integration" button. Search for "Credable". Approve the integration.

Fortnox - How to - Step 3

Copy the API Key

Copy the API key. NOTE: If you forget to copy the key, you must add the integration again.

Fortnox - How to - Step 4

Create an account, paste in your API key

Click the "Connect your Fortnox Account" button above or go to Enter your email address, save a password and paste in your API key.

Fortnox - How to - Step 5


  • What is Credable®?

    Credable® is a brand of Euler Hermes, the world's largest trade credit insurance company owned by Allianz. Credable offers digital insurance products direct to small to medium companies via proprietary web applications and API's.

  • How do I signup?

    By clicking the "Connect your Fortnox account" button above you will be directed to the Credable Fortnox application to signup.

  • What is the cost of the insurance?

    Credable determines the insurance premium based on the credit rating of your customer, the credit term and the invoice amount. The premium price will be a fraction of one percent of the invoice amount, often less than 0.3%.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions?

    Credable has a support staff that can be contacted via phone, email or chat via the website. +46105517220 or

Find out more

Call, email or live chat with a Credable representative today.

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Credable® has created an integration to allow Fortnox users to connect their Fortnox account and get insurance quotes on their invoices. Fortnox does not receive any compensation from Credable/Euler Hermes. All communication, quotes, offers, coverage and billing of insurance premiums is handled by Credable/Euler Hermes. Fortnox® is a registered trademark of Fortnox Aktiebolag.

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