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Terms of Use

Credable platform is an Internet-based aid for the User for the intended purpose of facilitating the administration of certain procedures. Euler Hermes shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the details and information accessible on Credable platform.

a) Fees

For the present, Euler Hermes is not charging any fee for the User to access Credable platform. In the case of services requested by the User, and supplied through Credable platform, the User shall pay fees in according to the Insurance Policy with Euler Hermes. Information regarding possible fees can be obtained from Euler Hermes, upon request.

Euler Hermes reserves the right to institute a fee for access to Credable platform.

b) Binding instructions

The User consents to the release by Euler Hermes to other companies within the Euler Hermes group, of information submitted through User regarding its buyers, as well as all other information submitted by the User for the performance of the Insurance Policy. The User further consents to Euler Hermes releasing this information to other parties, such as information agencies and insurance companies, to the extent required for the performance of the Insurance Policy by Euler Hermes.

In the event the User registers in Credable platform any information regarding a natural person, the User confirms compliance with the provisions of any legal Personal Data Act.

c) Confidentiality

Details and information obtained via Credable platform shall be treated confidentially, and are intended exclusively for the Users own use.

d) Limitation of liability of Euler Hermes

Euler Hermes shall not be liable for damage resulting from local or foreign laws or regulations, actions by local or foreign government agencies, acts of war, strikes, blockades, boycotts, lockouts or other similar events. Regarding strikes, blockades, boycotts, lockouts or other similar events, this shall apply regardless of whether Euler Hermes itself is the object of, or the initiator of, these labour conflict measures. Neither shall Euler Hermes be liable for any damage resulting from viruses or from errors or defects in Credable platform.

Euler Hermes shall not pay compensation for damage that has occurred due to other factors, provided Euler Hermes, or its agents, in applicable cases, have exercised reasonable care. In no case, shall Euler Hermes be liable for any indirect damage.

In addition, Euler Hermes shall not be liable for any damage sustained by the User due to the inability of the User to gain access to Credable platform pursuant to the terms of use, due to the maintenance of the computer system of Euler Hermes, interruptions of service or other malfunctions of the computer system of Euler Hermes, or of telephone links between the Insured and Euler Hermes supplied by other providers, or other similar causes.

Neither shall Euler Hermes be liable for damage sustained by the User due to defects in its own computer and communication equipment, software or Internet service.

e) Blocking access to Credable platform

Euler Hermes shall be entitled to block access to Credable platform, with immediate effect, if defects in the security system would allow unauthorised access to, or loss of, data belonging to Euler Hermes or the Insured.

Euler Hermes shall be entitled to block the User's access to Credable platform in the event there has not been any log on with the User ID and password for a period of six months.

f) Restricting access to Credable platform

Euler Hermes reserves the right to change the access rights of the User without advance notice, in the event Euler Hermes has reason to believe that the User has disregarded, or will disregard, the provisions of the terms of use, or otherwise acts in ways, which in the opinion of Euler Hermes, can cause damage to Euler Hermes or another User.

Site credits

Site editor: Euler Hermes Sverige filial, Döbelnsgatan 24, 101 34 Stockholm, Sweden Original site design by Mobiento AB Director of publications: Dominique Spiranski Site host: Amazon Web Services

This site and its contents, including all information and illustrations, are protected by the French Code of Intellectual Property. Trade names, logos and trademarks registered by Euler Hermes and its subsidiaries are their property and may not be used without their prior written consent. The contents of this site may only be copied, reproduced or distributed for personal use, unless the site editor's prior written consent has been obtained. Any copy, reproduction or distribution must clearly indicate the author's name and the source.


Under no circumstances shall Euler Hermes or its subsidiaries be liable for any indirect damage, such as any financial or commercial loss, loss of profits, disruption to business, shortfall in earnings, losses or any legal action brought by a third party against the site User, resulting from the use of this site or any information displayed on this site.


A written contract must be signed with the site editor prior to the creation of any hyperlinks to or from this web site.​


You are responsible for taking appropriate measures to protect your data and/or software applications and/or hardware from viruses.

Data protection

Euler Hermes, the world leader in credit insurance, helps businesses to grow in both their home market and in export markets, by insuring their trade receivables. With more than one hundred years of experience in the sector, the Euler Hermes organization is both global and local, guaranteeing the same level of service quality everywhere in the world, from bonding and guarantees through to the collection of unpaid receivables and the indemnification of bad debts. These specialist services require a sound knowledge of the world economies and of individual businesses.

Any personal data in our possession will be used solely to enable us to provide our services, and will be disclosed only to Euler Hermes group companies and our partners.

Data relation to you as an individual or individuals within your organisation (“personal data”) may be processed by us as data controllers for the purpose of carrying our business and will be held securely in confidence. We may disclose your personal data to third parties such as insurers, credit insurers, credit reference agencies and other carefully selected parties, who may process your personal data as data controllers for the purpose of carrying out insurance, risk assessments, credit management and other associated activities. We may also receive personal data on you from such third parties. Your personal data may be processed within or outside the European Economic Area, but always in strict compliance with the Acts. We or such third party may contact you with details of other products in writing, electronically, by telephone or by other means. By providing us with your personal data, you consent to our processing of such data as described in this terms of use. You should send us an email to with your name and address if:

  • you object to processing of your personal data as set out in this notice

  • you do not wish to be contacted for marketing purposes; or

  • you require details of any third party data controllers who may also process your personal data

You have the right of access to your personal data we hold on you, and you have the right to rectify such data if inaccurate or processed unfairly. If you wish to exercise these rights, please write to us with details of your request. For more information on your rights or definitions used in this notice, please see Swedish Data Protection Authority (

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